Leaning on his background as an entrepreneur, leader, and philanthropist; David encourages audiences to look at life from a unique perspective.

Meet David

David Howard is an award-winning entrepreneur who helped pioneer the first tiny home village in Canada. David delivers a high-energy keynote presentation, with a track record of integrity, creativity, and passion to entertain at every event.

David Howard is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Homes For Heroes Foundation, a Veterans housing initiative; Director for Canadian Legacy Project charity, a Veterans transition charity; CEO of The Event Group, Canada’s leading live event production company; and CEO of ToMarket, an affordable housing developer.

Let's Talk Change

Dave Howard


Building off his success with the Homes For Heroes Foundation; David’s firm ToMarket works with municipalities, charities, and developers to build affordable housing solutions.

Veteran Affairs


For the past 25 years David has been committed to serving those that stood on guard for Canada. David has built and directed programs for our Canadian heroes to ensure they have the support they need when transitioning back to civilian life. Serving one’s country has its own challenges and the programs David has developed are greatly appreciated within the Veteran community.

Dave Media


David has founded and directed a number of companies and charities including Veterans Supports, App Development, Affordable Housing, Real Estate, Event Production, Television Infomercials, and Producer / Host “About Town” Television Show.

Sarah MacLachlan


The Event Group has won multiple industry awards for their creative event productions. They have had the opportunity to work with the world’s most sought after performers and speakers.



David has been featured twice in Avenue Magazine 40 under 40 publication, selected as a Leader of Tomorrow by Business in Calgary Magazine, and awarded the Queens Jubilee medal for his support of those that served.



It was not until graduating from High School that David was officially diagnosed with ADD. Struggling through grade school and later finding his footing in University, David learned to over come hurdles and take on challenges which has made his journey so insightful for his public speaking audiences.

Premier Kenney with Dave Howard


Being an entrepreneur and philanthropist has kept David integrated within a diverse group of companies and charities, while always learning and growing his business management skills. David’s key roles within his companies and the charities he has started and leads has been the overall strategic focus, personnel, governance, operations, marketing, and finance.

What Makes David Different?

David is an entrepreneur, leading and building companies for the past thirty years. Within David’s presentation he guides audiences through his journey growing up with ADD, starting a number of businesses, building the Homes For Heroes Foundation – Canada’s first tiny home community; along with “behind the curtain” stories from his 25 years in producing the world's most sought-after performers, such as Jerry Seinfeld, Vice President Al Gore, Sarah McLachlan, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Ringo Starr, Russell Brand, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Bonnie Raitt, and many more.

Speaking From Experience

In co-founding and leading the Homes For Heroes Foundation, audiences gain a perspective of how Canada’s first tiny home village come to life, how David succeeded when no one thought he would, the Veterans his teams work for, the growth of the program and how the charity is changing lives everyday.

Homelessness has been ignored in Canada for decades and it continues to get worse. Innovative ideas need to be explored, and David believes there is not a singular solution to end the issue of homelessness.

In creating the Homes For Heroes Foundation, David met with over 200 Veterans who were struggling with their transition to civilian life. As a result of this research, the Homes For Heroes Foundation was born. Homes For Heroes is a program designed by Veterans for Veterans with a focus on building tiny home villages, with full wrap-around social support services for our Canadian Veterans in need.

Currently, there are Veterans Villages operating in Edmonton and Calgary with villages in the development phase in Winnipeg and Kingston. The goal for Homes or Heroes is to build tiny home Veteran Villages in all major cities across Canada and end the issue of Veteran homelessness.

Within the work at the Homes For Heroes Foundation David has seen firsthand that cities across Canada are in desperate need of more affordable housing solutions. David’s newest venture is ToMarket, which is developing affordable housing solutions.

Creating Solutions

What Clients Say

“David details his incredible journey of building the first tiny home village in Canada and how so many groups didn’t see his vision. As he presents his compelling journey, he offers the audience behind the curtain stories from his work in touring some of the worlds most iconic performers. Our team really enjoy his presentation.”
“Captivating from start to finish. Dave is an excellent storyteller, motivator, and entrepreneur. There was so much to unpack, and I think our team will grow from this experience.”
“Booked Dave in for a client event and the feedback was tremendous. David took our guests through his number of entrepreneur adventures, shared stories about the celebrities he worked with, the start of the amazing Homes for Heroes charity, and the importance of giving back to the community. Great speaker, highly recommend.”

Ready to Change Lives?

Your keynote speakers and panelists are arguably the most important part of your conference or event. They’re brand ambassadors who lend their credibility and reputation to your event. After a keynote presentation from David Howard, audiences will leave energized, inspired, motivated, and engaged.

Expertise In:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Veteran Transition
  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Business Start Up
  • Personal Growth and Development 
  • Philanthropy
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience and Adversity


Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Community Leader, and Philanthropist.

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